About the Artist

Artist's Statement:

As a US-based abstract artist, I am deeply inspired by the power of art to evoke emotions and connect people to the natural world. My specialty is fluid acrylic painting, which allows me to explore the interplay between color, movement, and texture in my work. Growing up on an island, I have always been drawn to the calming and peaceful qualities of water, which often emanate in my artwork.

My fascination with water extends beyond its physical properties to its symbolic significance. Water is a vast and powerful force, wild and untamed, and I strive to capture this essence in my work. Like nature itself, my art is uncontrolled and unpredictable, as I allow the paint to move and merge in new and unexpected ways.

As an avid yogi, I believe in the power of mindfulness and presence, and strive to infuse these values into my art. Through my work, I hope to inspire a deeper connection between people and the natural world. I believe that art has the power to create a shared bond between humanity that is often lost in our modern-day haste. Each piece I create is a unique exploration of the interplay between the elements, resulting in works that are vibrant, dynamic, and full of life.

My pieces often contain hidden archaic symbols and imagery, inviting viewers to explore and interpret their meaning in their own unique way. Each piece is an invitation to experience a moment of calm and reflection, and to connect with something greater than ourselves. Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create works that resonate with viewers on a personal level, fostering a sense of shared human experience and connection.

Currently based in Winnabow, NC, I work from my sunny home studio where I experiment with a range of techniques, including the manipulation of paint density and fluidity, color theory, and the use of fire, air, and movement. 

Thank you for taking the time to experience my art, and for being a part of this journey with me.